Research Associate in the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London

Job Ref: MED04186
Grade and Salary : £45,593 – £47,376 per annum
Contract Term:Full time
Contract Details:Prof Manuel Mayr,
Closing date: 23-Nov-2023

We are seeking a highly motivated scientist to join our collaborative team of research and clinician scientists interested in cardiovascular disease and vascular aging. The post holder will be working towards the overall objectives of the cardiovascular proteomics research group headed by Prof Mayr. We are looking for an experienced researcher with a data science background in cardiovascular science who will pursue collaborative international research with a project focus on harnessing proteomics data of clinical cohorts and providing expertise in data science and machine learning techniques. Prof. Mayr’s cardiovascular proteomics research group has a strong clinical-translational focus and state-of-the-art proteomics equipment dedicated to cardiovascular research. The topic is not predefined other than that the candidate needs to have the ability to conduct excellent science and be keen to take advantage of biomedical mass spectrometry data for their research.

For examples, see the following PubMed IDs:
28319050 34099652 33340009 29030347 34806902 34601896 33149301

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and undertake research of high quality consistent with making a full active research contribution in line with Faculty/Department/Division research strategy
  • Develop and undertake research projects related to data science and machine learning applications in cardiovascular diseases and vascular aging
  • Manage specific pieces of activity to an agreed timeline and within a specific budget including literature reviews, data collection and analysis, report writing
  • Attend and, as appropriate, present research findings and papers at internal academic meetings and external professional conferences, and contribute to the internal and external visibility of the department
  • Work as a conscientious and committed member of the team in order to achieve the aims of the projects and the primary care group
  • Facilitate collaboration and networking which engages and supports the activities of the group
  • Participate in educational activities as appropriate to the stage of your career
  • Participate in the supervision and mentoring of students with projects related to the applicant’s expertise
  • To be committed to your own personal career development
  • Liaise with the administrative team for the support of the project
  • Contribute to publications arising from this project

Skills, Knowledge & Experience

Essential requirements

  • PhD awarded in Biological Sciences or PhD in Biological Sciences near completion
  • Knowledge in cardiovascular biology
  • Knowledge of basic bioinformatic methods
  • Knowledge in the area of extracellular matrix proteins
  • Knowledge of research methods and statistical procedures
  • Experience in data science and machine learning (ML) techniques
  • Experience in the development of new ML algorithms
  • Experience in working at the confluence of data science, cardiovascular diseases, and vascular biology
  • Practical experience within a research environment and publications in relevant and refereed journals
  • Able to interact effectively within a research team and excellent interpersonal skills

To apply for this role, please see here

Should you require any further details on the role please contact: Professor Manuel Mayr, Email:

Research Technician at Imperial College London

Job Ref: MED04187
Grade and Salary : £37,977 – £42,360 per annum
Contract Term:Full time
Contract Details:Prof Manuel Mayr,
Closing date: 23-Nov-2023

We are seeking a skilled and highly motivated Research Technician to join our cardiovascular proteomics group at the National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI) located at the Sir Michael Uren Hub, White City Campus, Imperial College London.

Our research group has the latest mass spectrometry equipment, established computational infrastructure and high experience in proteomics and multi-omics research projects.

The research work of the group encompasses a wide variety of wet and dry lab activities. These include molecular and cellular biology experimentation and support in specialist techniques. The post holder will be providing high quality technical support and assisting in laboratory research activities. It is expected that 50% of the time will be spent on ensuring the smooth running in the labs, including ensuring a high standard of cleanliness and sustainability within the lab, producing sterile preparations and provisions, servicing and maintaining equipment, management of chemical and stock supplies, and ensuring compliance with health and safety procedures as directed by the department. It is expected that 30% of the time will be dedicated to scientific services which support experimental research including aseptic tissue collection, tissue and cell culture and isolation of primary neonatal and adult cardiac myocytes from both mice and rats. The rest of the time will be spent providing experimental support for molecular and cellular biology experiments and participating in other projects and activities as directed.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide in-depth knowledge of technical or scientific practices, methods and procedures gained through experience and/or formal education
  • Support a range of technical activities, providing research support and scientific services where there are established standards and requirements for service
  • Ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the labs, including equipment maintenance and resource management
  • Actively participate in Continuing Professional Development and training initiatives, in line with the Technician Commitment
  • Gain a strong understanding of the laboratory users’ requirements and appropriately align with changing priorities/needs

Skills, Knowledge & Experience

Essential criteria

  • Please see job description for minimum education requirements
  • Previous work experience in a relevant technical/scientific post
  • Extensive knowledge and skills gained through work experience in a relevant technical or scientific post
  • Expertise in molecular biology, cell culture and/or histology
  • Working knowledge and understanding of Laboratory Health and Safety Regulations (COSHH, GMO (contained use), etc.) governing the area of work
  • Good computer skills, numeracy skills and ability to apply learnt techniques to the work context
  • Good planning and organization skills, with ability to manage own workload and work with minimal supervision
  • Excellent communication skills, orally and in writing, along with strong interpersonal and collaborative skills
  • Understanding of methodologies and techniques with a knowledge of a range of technical or scientific practices, methods of procedures applicable to the work area
  • Knowledge of environmental impacts of laboratory work and an interest in reducing the negative impacts
  • Strong commitment to Continuing Professional Development and active engagement in ongoing training and learning activities

To apply for this role, please see here.

For further details on the role please contact: Professor Manuel Mayr, Email:

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