Ms. Li Ern Yap

Li Ern Yap


2019-2022 BSc Biomedical Science
King’s College London

Present Appointment


Research Technician
National Heart and Lung Institute
Imperial College London
London, UK

Previous Appointments


Research Assistant (Cell Biology)
University of Edinburgh

  • Organised and conducted experiments independently to produce recombinant proteins using bacterial cell lines
  • Assisted lab members in purifying and validating antibodies used in immunostaining
  • Skills involved include PCR, plasmid generation, DNA extraction, Western blotting, and affinity purification
  • Contributed to general lab management and kept detailed records of experimental work
  • Maintained lab inventory by co-ordinating purchase requisitions for lab consumables and making chemical reagents
  • Regularly compiled and presented data from experiments and external research papers at internal lab meetings

Awards & Prizes

2021/22 Final Year Performance Prize and Best Overall Performance Prize in Biomedical Science (King’s College London)


1 Gutmann C, Stojkovic S, Mayr M. Letter by Gutmann et al Regarding Article, “Circulating MicroRNA-122-5p Is Associated With a Lack of Improvement in Left Ventricular Function After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement and Regulates Viability of Cardiomyocytes Through Extracellular Vesi. Circulation. 2023 147(4) : e68–e69. [Full Text] [PubMed] [DOI]

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5 Gutmann C, Khamina K, Theofilatos K, Diendorfer AB, Burnap S, Nabeebaccus A, Fish M, McPhail M, Schmidt L, Cassel C, Auzinger G. Association of cardiometabolic microRNAs with COVID-19 severity and mortality. Cardiovascular Research. 2021 : . [Full Text] [PubMed] [DOI]

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