Mr. Christian Cassel

Christian Cassel


2006-2009Education as Medical-technical laboratory assistant (MTLA)
Saarland University Medical Center, Homburg / Saar, Germany
2009-2014Study of Biology (Human and Molecular biology, B.Sc.) (without a degree)
Saarland University, Saarbruecken and Homburg / Saar, Germany

Present Appointment


Research Technician
School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Sciences,
Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine,
King’s College London, London, UK

Previous Appointment

2015-2017Research technician
in the group of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Laufs
Internal Medicine III – Cardiology and Angiology,
Saarland University Medical Department, Homburg / Saar, Germany


1 Gutmann C, Takov K, Burnap S, Singh B, Theofilatos K, Reed E, Hasman M, Nabeebaccus A, Fish M, McPhail M, O'Gallagher K, Schmidt L, Cassel C, Rienks M, Yin X, Auzinger G, Napoli S, Mujib S, Trovato F, Sanderson B, Merrick B, Niazi U, Saqi M, Dimitrakopoulou K, Braun S, Kronstein-Wiedemann R, Doores K, Edgeworth J, Shah A, Bornstein S, Tonn T, Hayday A, Shankar-Hari M, Mayr M. SARS-CoV-2 RNAemia and proteomic biomarker trajectory inform prognostication in COVID-19 patients admitted to intensive care. . 2020 : . [Full Text] [DOI]

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