Dr. Isabella Ragone

Isabella Ragone


2013-2016 Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences
University of Bari, Italy
2016-2018 Master’s Degree in Functional Genomics
University of Trieste, Italy

Present Appointment


MED M/PhD student in Cardiovascular Biology, King’s College London.
Funded by a 3-years Marie Curie Fellowship and part of the TRAIN-HEART consortium.

Previous Appointments


Intern student:

  • Genethon, Evry (France)
  • Project: Improved AAV-mediated gene therapy approaches for Pompe Disease

Research Fellow

  • Genethon, Evry, France
  • Broad AAV-mediated gene therapy approaches to rescue rare genetic disorders


1 Ragone I, Barallobre-Barreiro J, Takov K, Theofilatos K, Yin X, Schmidt LE, Domenech N, Crespo-Leiro MG, van der Voorn SM., Vink A, van Veen TA.B., Bödör C, Merkely B, Radovits T, Mayr M. SERCA2a Protein Levels Are Unaltered in Human Heart Failure. Circulation. 2023 148(7) : 613–616. [Full Text] [PubMed] [DOI]

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