Dr. Adam Fellows

Adam Fellows

Adam is a BHF-funded postdoctoral research associate who is primarily interested in the impact of the extracellular matrix on vascular smooth muscle cell function, especially in connection to cardiovascular diseases such as thoracic aortic aneurysms and atherosclerosis. He is also working on novel methods for the three-dimensional culture of VSMCs.


2010-2013 University of Oxford – BA Physiological Sciences (Upper 2nd Class Honours)
2013-2017 University of Cambridge – MRes & PhD Cardiovascular Medicine

Work Experience

2017-2020 Research Associate,
Cardiovascular Division, King’s College London, UK


2017 British Atherosclerosis Society Binks Trust/Young Investigator Award 2017 – £100
2012 American Physiological Society Undergraduate Research Fellowship – $4000 stipend plus $1800 travel grant


1 Reed E, Fellows A, Lu R, Rienks M, Schmidt L, Yin X, Duregotti E, Brandt M, Krasemann S, Hartmann K, Barallobre-Barreiro J, Addison O, Cuello F, Hansen A, Mayr M. Extracellular Matrix Profiling and Disease Modelling in Engineered Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Tissues. Matrix biology plus. 2022 16 : 100122. [Full Text] [PubMed] [DOI]

2 Yin X, Wanga S, Fellows AL, Barallobre-Barreiro J, Lu R, Davaapil H, Franken R, Fava M, Baig F, Skroblin P, Xing Q, Koolbergen DR, Groenink M, Zwinderman AH, Balm R, de Vries CJM, Mulder BJM, Viner R, Jahangiri M, Reinhardt DP, Sinha S, de Waard V, Mayr M.. Glycoproteomic Analysis of the Aortic Extracellular Matrix in Marfan Patients.. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol.. 2019 39(9) : 1859-1873. [Full Text] [PubMed] [DOI]

3 Yu H, Fellows A, Foote K, Yang Z, Figg N, Littlewood T, Bennett M . FOXO3a (Forkhead Transcription Factor O Subfamily Member 3a) links vascular smooth muscle cell apoptosis, matrix breakdown, atherosclerosis, and vascular remodeling through a novel pathway involving MMP13 (Matrix Metalloproteinase 13).. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2018 38 : 555-565. [DOI]

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