Dr. Christian Schulte

Christian Schulte

Christian is a PhD student in the Cardiovascular Division at King’s College London.



2009-2013 “Results after aortic valve sparing replacement of the ascending aorta in the technique of David”
Grade: “magna cum laude”
University Heart Centre Hamburg Eppendorf, Germany
2017- PhD student, Cardiovascular Division
King’s College London, UK


Medical Qualification

2012- Resident Physician
at Department for General and Interventional Cardiology
University Heart Centre Hamburg Eppendorf, Germany


Basic Research Activities

2010 Optimization of Engineered Heart Tissue (EHT),
Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology,
UKE Hamburg Eppendorf, Germany
2012- Biomarker and microRNA analyses in cardiovascular disease
Department of Genomics and Systems Biology,
University Heart Centre Hamburg Eppendorf, Germany
2013- Member of the working group “microRNA”
of the ‘BiomarCaRE’ Consortium


Clinical Research Activities

2014-2016 Impella® on top of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in patients with fulminant cardiogenic shock
2013- Observational Study on Contrast Media Induced Nephropathy



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