Dr. Ursula Mayr

Dr. Ursula Mayr


1992-2000 Medical School, University of Innsbruck, Austria
1998-2000 MD thesis, Institute of Pathophysiology, Innsbruck, Austria


Foreign Electives

1997 Dept. of Medicine, Carbonear General Hospital,
Memorial University of New Foundland´s School of Medicine, Canada
1998 Dept. of Medicine, G. F. Jooste Hospital,
University of Cape Town, South Africa


Present Appointment

2006- Research fellow
Cardiovascular Division, King’s College London,
London, UK


Previous Appointment

2002-2004 Research fellow
Dept. of Cardiac and Vascular Sciences
St George’s Hospital Medical School, London, UK


Awards & Prizes

Awards & Prizes

1999 Scholarship of the “Hans und Blanca Moser Stiftung”



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