Dr. Anna Zampetaki

Dr. Anna Zampetaki


1994 Degree in Biology,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE
1996 PhD in Genetics,
Department of Genetics, Development and Molecular Biology,
School of Biology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE


Present Appointment

2013- Lecturer
Department of Cardiology,
King’s College London School of Medicine, London, U.K.


Previous Appointment

2000-2003 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Children’s Hospital, Department of Newborn Medicine,
Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.
2003-2006 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Cardiac and Vascular Sciences,
St. George’s Hospital Medical School, London, U.K.
2006-2013 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Cardiology,
King’s College London School of Medicine, London, U.K.


Professional Activities

Professional Activities

Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.
Top Reviewer 2009-2010 Award for exceptional contribution to the quality of Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.

Ad Hoc reviewer for Circulation, Circulation Research, Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology, American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology, Journal of Applied Physiology, Physiological Genomics, BMC Cell Biology, Cytotherapy and Cell Biology International.

Wellcome Trust Invited Grant Reviewer.
Medical Research Council Invited Grant Reviewer.
British Heart Foundation Invited Grant Reviewer.

Abstract Grader for the European Society of Cardiology 2014- 2015 Sessions.
European Society of Cardiology 2015 Sessions (ESC2015 Sessions) Invited Chairperson.
Scientific Advisor to the Functional Gene Annotation Programme (University College of London).

ECR Forum & Athena SWAN Seminar, ‘Establishing an Independent Research Career’ 27th of March 2014, King’s BHF Centre of Research Excellence. Invited speaker.

Athena Swan Q&A. Women in Science.
A mentoring session for female scientists with Prof Sarah J. George. 24th of April 2014, King’s BHF Centre of Research Excellence. Host: A Zampetaki.
A mentoring session for female scientists with Prof Sussan Nourshargh. 12th of May 2014, King’s BHF Centre of Research Excellence. Host: A Zampetaki.



Conferences & Oral Presentations

Zampetaki A. (2015) Circulating MicroRNAs networks as Biomarkers for Cardiovascular Diseases. RNAi2015, Oxford, UK. Invited Speaker.

Zampetaki A. (2014) Circulating MicroRNAs as biomarkers for Cardiovascular Risk. ASHG, San Diego, USA. Invited Speaker.

Zampetaki A. (2014) MicroRNA signatures in the Circulation and the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases, Seminar QUB Centre for Experimental Medicine, Belfast, UK. Invited Speaker.

Zampetaki A. (2013) Circulating miRNAs: Rewired networks and Cardiovascular Risk. CNAS, Baltimore, USA. Invited Speaker.

Zampetaki A, Willeit P, Tilling L, Drozdov I, Mayr A, Weger S, Shah A, Boulanger C, Willeit J, Chowienczyk P, Kiechl S, Mayr M. (2012) MicroRNAs and Risk of Myocardial Infarction: Prospective Results from the Bruneck Study. AHA, Los Angeles, USA

Zampetaki A. (2012) Circulating miRNAs as Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Risk. The microRNAs & Single Molecule Meeting, Cambridge UK. Invited Speaker.

Zampetaki A. (2012) MiRNAs as novel Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Diseases. qPCR Virtual Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Invited Speaker.

Zampetaki A. (2012) Circulating miRNA networks and Cardiovascular Diseases. The King’s Genomics Centre Seminar, London, UK. Invited Speaker.

Zampetaki A. (2012) Analyzing miRNA networks. Systems and Computational Biology. Technology Seminar Series, London, UK. Invited speaker.

Zampetaki A. (2011) Plasma miRNA signatures in Diabetes. ADA, San Diego, USA. Invited speaker.

Zampetaki A, Zeng L, Margariti A, Hu Y, Xu Q. (2009) HDAC3 expression at bifurcation areas plays a critical role in preserving the endothelial monolayer and maintaining the vascular integrity. BAS BSCR, Oxford, UK

Zampetaki A, Zeng L, Margariti A, Hu Y, Xu Q. (2008) HDAC3 Is Critical in Endothelial Survival and Atherosclerosis Development in Response to Disturbed Flow. AHA, New Orleans, USA

Zampetaki A, Xu Q. (2007) Stem Cells and Vascular Diseases 13th Worth Congress on Heart Disease, Vancouver, Canada

Zampetaki A (2007) Cytokine Production in stem cell-derived vascular cells. A joint Workshop on embryonic stem cell differentiation, King’s College London, London, UK.

Zampetaki A, Xiao Q, Zeng L, Hu Y, Xu Q (2006) Vascular Cells derived from Mouse Stem cells Display a Low Inflammatory Response due to decreased TLR4 Expression. AHA, Chicago, USA



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