Dr. Temo Barwari

Dr. Temo Barwari


2005-2013 Medicine (Cum Laude),
University of Amsterdam/Academic Medical Centre
The Netherlands
2014- PhD student, Cardiovascular Division, King’s College London, London, UK


Previous Appointment

2007-2010 Research assistant
Departments of Internal Medicine (AMC) and
Intensive Care Medicine (OLVG Hospital)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010-2013 Teaching assistant
Department of Anatomy & Embryology, AMC
The Netherlands
2012-2013 Member of Liaison Committee for Faculty of Medicine
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014- Medical officer at Domiz Syrian Refugee Camp
Kurdistan Region, Iraq


Awards & Prizes

Awards & Prizes

2007 AMC Educational Scholarship
2010 Dr I. Snapper Award, Ruitinga van Swieten Foundation
2015 Best Poster Presentation Prize by first year PhD student
Annual BHF Centre Postgraduate Symposium



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