Ms. Kathryn Wolhuter

Kathryn Wolhuter


2009-2012 BSc Hons Biochemistry
Nottingham University, UK
2012-2013 MRes in cardiovascular science
Cardiovascular Division, King’s College London, UK
2013- PhD Student
Cardiovascular Division, King’s College London, UK



1 Ternette N, Yang M, Laroyia M, Kitagawa M, O'Flaherty L, Wolhuter K, Igarashi K, Saito K, Kato K, Fischer R, Berquand A, Kessler BM, Lappin T, Frizzell N, Soga T, Adam J, Pollard PJ. Inhibition of mitochondrial aconitase by succination in fumarate hydratase deficiency. Cell Rep. 2013 3 : 689-700. [PubMed] [DOI]

2 Adam J, Hatipoglu E, O'Flaherty L, Ternette N, Sahgal N, Lockstone H, Baban D, Nye E, Stamp GW, Wolhuter K, Stevens M, Fischer R, Carmeliet P, Maxwell PH, Pugh CW, Frizzell N, Soga T, Kessler BM, El-Bahrawy M, Ratcliffe PJ, Pollard PJ. Renal cyst formation in Fh1-deficient mice is independent of the Hif/Phd pathway: roles for fumarate in KEAP1 succination and Nrf2 signaling. Cancer Cell. 2011 20 : 524-537. [PubMed] [DOI]

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