Ms. Ferheen Baig

Ferheen Baig

Ferheen is a Research Assistant and Part time PhD student in the Cardiovascular Division at King’s College London where she works within Prof Manuel Mayr’s Proteomics group, providing support on all mass spectrometry related projects. Her role includes developing methods for untargeted and targeted nano-LC-MS/MS for the discovery and analysis of extracellular matrix proteins in samples from cardiovascular disease and related disorders.

As well as carrying out research for her PhD project, she is responsible for developing novel ‘fit for purpose’ targeted MRM methods for the quantification of extracellular matrix proteins, including their glycosylations, fragmentation and isoforms.

After receiving a BSc in Biomedical Science from King’s College and an MSc in Forensic Science from London South Bank University, Ferheen was employed by the pharmaceutical industry for 7 years where she worked mainly on small molecules as a bioanalyst for Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinteic (DMPK) departments at GlaxoSmithKline and more recently at Novartis. Towards the end of her time at Novartis she began working on biomarker quantification including large molecules, prompting her interest in proteomics.



2001-2004 BSc (Honours) Biomedical Science,
Kings College London, UK
2004-2005 MSc Forensic Science,
London South Bank University, UK


Present Appointment

2014- Research Assistant,
Cardiovascular Division, King’s College London, UK


Previous Appointment

2012-2014 Protein & Biomarker LCMS Scientist,
Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics,
2009-2012 Bioanalytical Scientist,
Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics,
2006-2009 Bioanalytical Associate ,
Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics,



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