Dr. Aitana Braza-Boïls

Dr. Aitana Braza-Boïls


1997-2002 Degree in Biology
University of Valencia, Spain
2001-2002 Specialisation in Neurobiology.
University Complutense of Madrid. Spain
2010 PhD in Biology.
University of Valencia. Spain
2011 Master in Human Genetics.
University of Valencia. Spain
Postgraduate Master
in Thromboembolic Disease Management.
University of Navarra. Spain


Present Appointment

2014- Improvement Posdoctoral Contract “Sara Borrell”. ISCIII
Unit of Haemostasis, Thrombosis, Atherosclerosis
and Vascular Biology.
Health Research Institute La Fe, Valencia. Spain



1 Gilabert-Estelles J, Braza-Boils A, Ramon LA, Zorio E, Medina P, Espana F, Estelles A. Role of microRNAs in gynecological pathology. Curr Med Chem. 2012 19 : 2406-2413. [PubMed]

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